Bio: Well hello there! I see you've stumbled upon my words. I like to write, and I didn't realize this until I sent a 16 page letter about one week. They weren't exactly thrilled to read the book that I sent them haha. I think a lot! Like a lot, a lot! I think too much and I overthink everything. I'm blessed to have people that tolerate me haha. Part of the reason I overthink all the time is because I have anxiety. It's not that bad, but it's still there and it affects me. It's a gift and a curse I suppose. I enjoy questioning every little thing, and I generally enjoy being an introvert. With these slightly odd characteristics I decided a while ago to put them to use. And what you read here will be all of my over-thoughts, ideas, questioning, and anxiousness. I hope you find entertainment in this and maybe even come away with some over-thoughts of your own. Thinking is good for you, exercise for your brain! 🙂

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