Build Me a Flower

In my lyric writing class we are building rhyme tables and sketches for titles. This week my teacher gave a great, inspirational reply to my lyric sketch, and just maybe helped me become more aware of the message I’m trying to send, understanding the “vision” and story further.
Take a look!


Build Me a Flower (lyric sketch):

We are a fragile and delicate and our love is the same. But why can’t we be something stronger? I pick petals off of flowers saying, “he loves me, he loves me not,” over and over again. Sometimes I’m confused by us, but I know that flowers can’t tell my fate. We’re delicate and fragile like a flower, but build me a flower that won’t break, one where the petals won’t fall even if I try to pick them. That’s the love I want, a flower with unbreakable petals; you and I could do all evil and horrible things in the world and we’d still love each other, we’d still jump into each other’s arms at the end of the day; a love where we can do no wrong because our wrongs are completely right. Build me a flower like that, and I’ll build you one that’s exactly the same.


“Yeah, nicely done, nicely done. So I think that there’s interesting collision between building, which is industrial, which is man-made, it makes me think of concrete-cold, lifeless. And then this idea of flower, which you said is fragile, it decomposes, it returns to nature quickly, it’s organic. So it’s opposite of this industrial theme of build, and I wondered, somehow nature isn’t enough. What naturally happens, this fragility, that you’re shying away from it; and I wonder how that fragility could serve this love. How does the fragility make the flower special? How does it allow it to adapt? and maybe go on and on, and renew itself, rather than something built that never has the power to change? I also wonder if some of those thoughts are also involved in this idea that part of you wants to build a flower, but you know you can’t force it, you can never create something as lovely and organic as a flower on its own; but unfortunately you have to also deal with the fragility that the flower carries. I think your ideas here are just fantastic, “a flower with unbreakable petals”, that’s really neat, but, you know, who would want a concrete flower? In the end, it’s a dream that can’t materialize. So I think it’s a song about desiring something unchanging, something you can depend on, something you know will be there. But by doing so, you’re squelching the life out of it. So I think that’s really something I can connect to, and I think that the core idea there, the message that you want to get across is in that, so really lovely.”

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