The Tricky Thing About Love

Why do we have to grow up and fall in love? Why can’t we just stay young and innocent forever? Why can’t boys always have cooties? (not to say that some still don’t). But I guess if we didn’t grow up and fall in love it would be the end our race. We wouldn’t be motivated to do anything except survive. But we also wouldn’t have to go through the immense pain that love can put you through.

Something that I always thought was interesting is that when you love, you’re heart has this burning sensation, like nothing in the world can be better, and it’s true…. except for the fact that when love puts you in pain, you get the same burning sensation in your heart, like nothing could be worse and that’s also true. Why does love and pain feel the same. One makes you feel totally happy and ecstatic and on a cloud like it’s not real, and the other pushes your head into the dirt like a flamingo, making you cry and double over in mental and emotional agony.

That doesn’t alleviate the question of why we have to grow up and fall in love though, and I don’t think we’ll ever understand that. Love means joy but it also means a lot of pain. I could go on and on about the details, but I’m sure most of you already have a clue of what I’m talking about… it sucks but it’s great at the same time, and it’s really a personal choice whether you want to be pushed around through the ringer to get to an amazing spot. But maybe the real question is, is it an experience and a journey? or is it just unnecessary battle wounds and scars?


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