Nature | A-to-Z Day 14

leaves are falling, the grass in covered. for now they’re red and orange and yellow. The one good thing about new england weather, it that the leaves turn the death of spring into autumn and it’s the most beautiful sight. as you drive down a road in the middle of nowhere, the trees are colorful. There’s a certain light they bring off. kind of warm but cooling at the same time. Leaves are leaves and there’s not much else about them except for the fact that they have the potential to work together to create something beautiful, like everything else in the world. It’s just the drastic change every year that makes their beauty stick out. Breezy walks and sweatshirt weather. Just looking at it. It smells like air, it tastes like air, but it’s the sight that is the magnificant spectacle, it’s the only thing that matters. Not what is on the inside, but the outside! Eventually though, the falling leaves on the ground and on the trees will turn brown and crumpled, touching it will make it disintegrate. That’s when you rake them all away, and death sets in. Winter. The cold and bitter makes you miss the green, not the colors. the green. and when spring comes around once more, everything turns green and the leaves as well, it one of the most relieving and greatest things to see, the green, the getting warm. and those leaves would be nothing without the shade they provide and the color of summer that they contribute too, it’s hot, and the trees look like they’re sweating too. Maybe we do have something in common, but they need to be there, there’s something just not allowing their death. Then autumn returns and the beautiful reds and yellows and oranges return and its also the most beautiful sight to because we’ve all gotten so used to green, then we’ll get used to brown and winter again and then green. and it’s an endless cycle of beauty and nature and the wondrous things that a leave can do, not just to see, but your emotional state as well, the world changes as the leaves do. It makes you happy, sad , angry, etc. It’s amazing, not a single leaf, but the togetherness of every leaf that brings together and tears apart communities and your insides. it’s quite incredible that leaves can do all that just by changing the way they look. aside from the popluar belief that looks do not matter, leaves prove otherwise, and every year, every season change they prove it.


2 thoughts on “Nature | A-to-Z Day 14

  1. Beautiful post! We don’t get much change in the trees and leaves where I live. We pretty much have two colors– green in winter and spring, brown in summer and fall. Your description is very vivid! Great post. 😀


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