Something Grand| A-to-Z Day 7




grand. bellowing. deep and red. don’t fall off the edge. river there. dry heat. stay hydrated. don’t colapse. pretty skies. orange feel. water tastes good. refresh. don’t die. stand in wonder. take a picture. move on. stand and wonder. take a picture. move on. drink. don’t fall. drink. stand in wonder. cycle of an ugly beautifulness. takes forever. boredom sets in. walks for miles. tiredness sets in. the sites. doesn’t see worth it. the beginning is always better than the end. the painful end. the sorrowful end. but it ends. but always remember the beginning better. the beautiful, nothing can go wrong beginning. red and orange and warm and organized. time goes on. walking, walking. drinking, grand. time slows down. time gets tired too. is it worth it? will we make it? can only keeo pushing. don’t give up now. there’s no finish line if you don’t want there to be one. difficulty. carry each others weight. feel the shoulders burdened with such cause and heat. grand. and deadly. keep going. hold their hand. make it to the next day. keep going. look in their eyes and see why you started the trek in the first place. keep going. beware of it all, beware for yourself and for them. keep going as long as you can. if you don’t want to give up then don’t. smell the fresh air, taste the breeze and the water. and walk hand in hand to the next destination. it takes two. grand but deadly. hold each other, comfort each other and make it worth it even if it’s not. don’t just see the canyon, become it. though it’s hollow, and deep. it’s real and honest and open. be the canyon. for each other. hold on tight and jump to the depths of honesty and truthfulness. be those people. hold on tight and don’t let go for all you can. be that kind of strong. be that kind of canyon. don’t give up. hold on.


7 thoughts on “Something Grand| A-to-Z Day 7

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