The Letter ‘E’ | A-to-Z Day 5


Because I’m so original and can’t come up with any decent topic for day 5, I’m going to share with you the history of the letter ‘E’!

1- Is the fifth letter of the English alphabet
2-Ancestor where the letter came from is most likely an Egyptian hieroglyph; the likeliest being the the hieroglyph ‘hillul’ which translates to “jubilation”. it showed a figure who looks to b praying, though modern Americans might think of it as more of the “GOAL” sign used in football.
3- The phoenician and Hebrew drew it backwards on a slant with a tail. They called it ‘he’.
4- Greeks took over the Phonecian language and changed the letter to ‘epsilon’. It is mostly unchanged today
5- It’s the most common used letter in the English language.

And there you have it! The brief history of the letter E.

All information was taken from alisonreads.


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