College|A-to-Z Challenge|Day 3



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College. It’s just too stressful. How are you going to graduate?

It’s not a bad amount of work, but the conditions are terrible and the work is hard.

Living poor and eating gross food. Trying to find hobbies to keep you occupied so you don’t have to think about school all the time.

You’re doing what you want but not really. And everyone says that working in your chosen field isn’t the same as going to school for it. Why is that? Shouldn’t it be preparing you and showing you what work is really like rather than wasting time on unnecessary classes?

Ugh! the time seems wasted. But then it’s not. I don’t know. 


5 thoughts on “College|A-to-Z Challenge|Day 3

  1. Some of the classes I’ve used the most in writing were the unneccessary not-in-my-major ones. I never would’ve expected to gain anything from “Historical Geography of the Holy Lands” (this looked at the geography of Israel and how it impacted the culture) or from “History of Cosmology” (it examines how different cultures viewed the universe)–but I use them all the time. Who knew?


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