28 Life Lessons|Sometimes It’s a Bad Day


Sometimes i just wish i never existed because life is more painful than it is joyful. I annoy myself, I’m far too sensitive, and I just wish I could be happier overall. Many people say that happiness is a choice. But I think that’s only to a certain extent. I choose to be happy everyday.. but that doesn’t mean I am. Think about it this way: a slave might wake up one day and decide to live a happy life, but when the outside factors in, whippings and a harsh standard of living, you’re ability to live happy is lessened. Not that I’m trying to relate my life to being a slave, but it works in the same way. I wake up this morning and I decide that I want to be happy; it’s just dumb to think that the outside world won’t effect you, because it will. I’ll decide to have a good day, and then everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Sure it’s possible to withstand all that and still have a good day, but sometimes I am an overly sensitive person, I am far too critical of myself and it is granted that my day won’t work out the way I planned or the way I deemed it in the morning as a happy day; and though nothing happens the way you want, it’s still easy to be bothered by the fact that 99% of things go horribly wrong.

It’s all in perspective, you say? Well that is also true. And it’s also true that anybody who reads this will try to convince me verbally or non-verbally that the way to a happier life is changing my outlook.

It’s hard to learn a language when you get older, it’s hard to pick up an instrument, and it’s hard to change your ways as an adult…. so your attempt at convincing my state of mind otherwise is likely to fail.

The way I look at it is that yes, things are bound to wrong and we’re all susceptible to depression and sadness at one point or another. The fact that it happens to me more often than is normal for a human is just the way I am. I accept it as my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I am one-hundred and ten percent NOT the most negative person that exists, I’ve met plenty more who are worse than I. I definitely have many days in my life that are worth living and that are wonderful, I just tend to pay more attention to the bad scenarios.

You see, I am not suicidal, but I can understand why people are. The difference is that instead of undermining life and it’s purpose, I tend to find the comic irony in every awful circumstance.

At the end of the day though it gets serious, and I’ve learned something about life and why it is worth the next day. I’ve listed the most important things that I’ve learned about life. It won’t necessarily make you happy and fill your life with a blissful intensity, but it does bring some light on different ways to handle the hardships of everyday living

1. Don’t be embarrassed by little things.
2. That argument that you were so heated over isn’t actually that important, so don’t let it happen again.
3. You have feelings. Don’t be a whiner or a complainer, but don’t hesitate to be open with others.
4. Don’t be so humble that you forget about yourself.
5. Don’t let stupid things annoy you. It’s bound to happen though, so when it does, just focus on the fact that it probably wasn’t intended      to be the way you took it. And if it was, well then you deserve better.
6. Don’t be that person who complains but never tries to make it better.
7. Let go of the past. (This one might take time)
8. If someone hurts your feelings. Tell them, and tell them why because it won’t always be obvious. If they don’t know, then it’s all on you.
9. You’ll be prone to more happiness if you take more risks. It’s not whether it will work out or not, it’s just the sheer act of taking the risk.
10. Do what you love and be proud of it no matter what anyone may say or think about it. It makes you happy and it brings you something in life that nothing nor anyone else can.
11. If you go against the grain, it’ll just make your job difficult in the most unnecessary way.
12. Don’t think that you are perfect and that it’s everyone else. With that train of thought, it’s almost guaranteed that IT IS you.
13. You can never fully succeed. The best you can do is an outstanding, magnificent effort.
14. But don’t try too hard, you might fall off the horse before you’ve gotten on completely.
15. You can fight to stay alive and swim as best you can, or you can drown. (in that order specifically).
16. If you have nobody, you still have yourself.
17. That light at the end of the tunnel is farther away than you think, don’t get lazy.
18. Not everyone will like you. You’re a human so there will be people that dislike you. Get over it.
19. When you realize that you might be alone for the rest of your life…. and you’ve gotten to the stage where you are okay with it.. only then will the right person drop into your life, and maybe they were already in your life, you just weren’t ready yet.
20. You’re most definitely going to make mistakes, so own up to it. Don’t make excuses and don’t justify it.
21. When it comes to your “talent”, you’re only as good as everyone else perceives you.
22. Be not rude nor annoying nor in “their” faces if you can help it, but be persistent and proud.
23. Judging others only creates the judgement of yourself.
24. You’re only a better/higher status if it’s other people who put you on the pedestal.
25. Instead of trying to tell everyone who you are, prove it.
26. And prove it to yourself first, because the only way anyone will find you believable is if you have the confidence in yourself as a human being.
27. Tomorrows a surprise, and it might be a good one. There’s a 50/50 shot.
28. It’s all in how you handle it. Maybe it won’t be the best way at first, but eventually you’ll learn more about yourself and about the way you want to be and you’ll hopefully refine your tactics and it’ll just work better.


What are some life lessons you’ve learned?





Photo from: http://purpology.com/2013/12/21/nostalgia/


8 thoughts on “28 Life Lessons|Sometimes It’s a Bad Day

  1. A great post. I won’t tell you to change your out look but i will say, do not think about life too much whether the negative or positive aspects of it. Take each second and minutes of the day as it comes. I love those life lessons.


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  7. Mmmh! A great post!… I specifically like no. 28. It’s all in how you handle it…. I think this is what actually defines my happiness each day – the way I choose to handle life. I agree with you, life will not always make us happy and fill us with bliss but it does brings some light on different ways to handle the hardships we face everyday and that’s why we have the hope of a better tomorrow.


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