Is The Glass Half Empty or Half Full?



Help! I think I’m the victim of impostor syndrome! I think I’m unsuccessful and and haven’t achieved much, and I also believe that I’m pretty worthless and that I probably won’t amount to anything. I’m naturally unlucky and my timing is always terrible!! I feel unintelligent to my peers and I try to come across smarter than I think I actually am.

So what shall I do about this.

Let’s make a list of all my flaws:

I’m overly critical of myself
I tend to give up on things easily
I’m a picky eater
I’m awkward
I hold back my feelings constantly
It’s difficult to make friend because of reasons #4 & 5
I’m perpetually negative
I constantly feel uncomfortable in my own skin (body image)
I find most things complicated
I’m stubborn
I have a one track mind
my confidence is fickle
I overthink everything
I’m realistic
I’m afraid of too many things

Now let’s make a brag list:

I got into one of the world’s best music schools
I’m generally a likable person
I’m humble (except for making this list 😉 )
I never lie
I do my best to be modest
The few friends I have are very good ones
I recognize that I am of decent shape and size and looks
I’ve been published
I pick things up quickly
I do not lack common sense
my confidence is fickle
I try my hardest
I write well
I’m realistic
I have a lot of goals

And the lists could continue to compete with each other.

It’s not just the successes in life but it’s also your personality as well. I notice that I focus more on the flaws list even though the brag list is equally as long. I’m conscious of the fact that I want to be perfect even though that’s impossible. I notice that others, when speaking towards my life and livelihood, are also equally distributed throughout the flaws and brag lists, all depending on their personalities.

Some look for the best in you and some look for the worst. Some see the glass half empty and some see the glass half full. I’m on the fence though. And yes, to all those teachers who told me that you have to be on one side or another, you can most definitely sit in the middle and have a balanced opinion.

I see the glass as half empty and half full, or vise versa. It’s all the same. For every bad equation drawn out in your life, there’s also a good one. So it’s empty and it’s full. But if you want to be technical, the “empty” half is full of air! It’s either weighted substance, or light-heartedness, so if you look at it that way, you “half empty” people might be getting the best of it! Like Schrodingers Cat experiment, it doesn’t matter whether it’s dead or alive because there’s more than one answer! It’s not about whether it’s empty or full, it’s about what you focus on and what you see, and that all has to do with the type of personality you have. But at the end of the day, sometimes all we need is to know that we’re worth something to somebody and that we aren’t wasting our time. Just a little confidence boost!


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