Writing For a Cause|Alleviating The “Me First” Mentality.


While everyone sat around taking selfies today, two people died.

Lt. Ed Walth, 43, married and the father of three children all under the age of ten.

Firefighter, Mike Kennedy, 33, Marine Corps veteran.

They were both Boston firefighters. They died trapped in the basement of a 9-alarm fire helping people to get out. Walsh was found near the stairs, and Kennedy was pulled out alive but died later at Massachusetts General Hospital.

You might think, well people die, it happens all the time, Firefighters risk their lives for others.

So what makes them so important? They have families. Think about it. What is it like to be the spouse and to receive that phone call? How are the kids going to feel when they find out that their father died. Even it is a good cause, it won’t stop the feeling of “I just saw him/her this morning and now they’re gone, it didn’t have to be this way.”

What I find interesting about emergencies in a city, is that you get to watch everyone else go about their day as if it isn’t happening. But it is happening. And it amazes me how little people care. They say, “oh that’s too bad” when they see it on the news, but never think about how it would feel to be there in person. So many people seem to think they’re invincible, the cliche “it could never happen to me” is true. Maybe not to that exact extent but we’re all so caught up in our own lives and what we’re going to be doing a year from now, that we only remember that we’re human and horrible things can happen when they actually do happen.

It’s easy to be emotionally distant when you’re not physically there. But next time your taking a selfie or shopping for nothing important or taking part in guilty pleasures, remember that it’s not a crime to to so, but think about what it would be like to have that all taken away, think about the person who’s dying, who’s gotten in an accident or any other scenario that could happen, and hope that they and their families and friends are doing okay and able to make it through. Because next time it could just as well be you.

There’s so much selfishness in society, so take a moment and think about someone else that has no part in your life whatsoever, you don’t even have to know them.

Writing for a better cause. Alleviating the “me first” mentality. Comment what you think is a good cause.




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