A Single Moment

Memorable moments make up our lives. They transform our illusion of time based on the substance that makes them so memorable. Time is warped and a memory has everything to do with time.

What one remembers, another may not. There’s a reason why only we remember our most embarrassing moments. Moments are quite interesting in that respect. A single moment can stick in two people’s brains forever, but it won’t be remembered the same way. It could be happy for one, sad or angry for the other, you’ll see things differently from where you’re sitting. Moments and memories are all just a perspective of life.

And our perspective of life changes all the time. These memorable moments cast a shadow, cast a light, on everything that we see and everything that we remember will forever have had an impact on what perspective we have.

It’s like a hybrid form of the butterfly effect. Except instead of an unrelated event changing the outcome of your life, it’s your memories and your state of mind becoming part of who you are.

I think I’ve been watching too many Shots of Awe videos, comment if you watch them too! And if you don’t https://www.youtube.com/user/ShotsOfAwe




12 thoughts on “A Single Moment

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