Writerly Life



Books and Writing! The one thing people tend to dislike the most. However, being read to and writing for nothing my whole life has seemed to cause a love affair.

Madeline, 10,000 times. Sarah Dessen will always be amazing. Ayn Rand’s writings are a muse of mine. And I’m perpetually a teenager by reading teen novels. I like a good book no matter where they’re from.

Then there’s writing. I started writing song lyrics when I was 5, granted they weren’t anything presentable but it was a start. It got my foot in the door of poetry.

Writing short stories and essays has always been a strong point for me, I never did it just to write when I was younger, I did it for fun. Just now am I taking it on as a serious potential career.

It feels good to write. I’m an introvert, so it’s almost like having a conversation with somebody, it’s fun.

In the past I wouldn’t show anybody anything, but I realize now that your work is only as good as everyone else thinks it to be.

Poetry is easiest for me, but I’d rather take the challenge and write fiction.

I write for myself but I also have aspirations of something more. I’ve been published already in a book of collective poetry, but I’d like to write novels. I’d like to attend school for creative writing. It’d be amazing!

Why do I write? Well that’s a question anyone can answer. I like it. Why do I like it? Well why do you like candy, why do you like cake? Because it tastes good.

What keeps me writing? Well I don’t know. Like I said I like it. I have ideas that I believe are worth sharing, so I share them.

I’m in school for music. That’s another profession that can be tricky. Basically, the main rule I go about for anything I pursue is, “be humble. Talent is god-given, fame is man-given.” But most of all, “do it for yourself before you do it for anyone else.”



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