How to Vacation Effectively

The way to travel is not to plan it to severely. On vacation there should be at least one or two things to do everyday, but wait until you get there! For you’ll see things you want to do. Heavily plan your route to get to and from there, but once you’re there don’t be afraid to relax! 

Vacation isn’t supposed to be stressful with “We have to be there at this time. And if we’re late the world will be laundered by our lack of time management. We have to do all of this in one day and tomorrow here’s the plan. We go here here and here, lunch break for 20 minutes, here here here. Free time for an hour before dinner and then family movie and popcorn and bedtime at 9, wake up at 6, fill the day will adventure and………”

No. Just find your adventure daily, it’ll be much more fun that way!
Rules for traveling:
1. Plan thoroughly on how to get to and from your destination.
2. Pick one or two plan-in-advance activity(ies).
3.Spend the first day roaming around and getting accustomed to the area.
4. Check out tourist maps and books of attractions.
5. Notice things you’d like to do.
6. Each day, decide one thing that you’d like to do.
7. Allow MUCH time for wandering into other unplanned adventures. 
8. Don’t forget to use the pool!
10. Allow time to just do nothing, relax.
With that in mind, you can get the most out of your vacation, and you’ll travel back to the real world well-rested and content.

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