Melissa|The Meaning

The history of names is probably the most interesting thing we’ll ever learn about ourselves. We name our children because we like the name, the name has a special meaning to us, it’s of a certain culture; and that’s just the first name! The history of last names are even more spectacular. It allows you to explore what your family was way back in history.
1. I really don’t like my name. I don’t mind it, but I certainly don’t like it. Then again I feel like most people dislike their name; just one of those things I guess. There really isn’t a particular reason why, I just don’t like it. When I have to introduce myself, “Melissa” just feels funny when it comes out of my mouth, I just don’t like it. Then again, I really don’t know what other name I could imagine myself going by.
2. What I find interesting, is that when you’re in school, there’s always those five kids who all have the same name. In my grade it was, Christopher, Michael, Nicholas, Andrew, different variations of John, Jessica, Rebecca and Lauren. It’s funny.
Something cool to check out is , it’s just an interesting website that will tell you things about yourself based off of your name!
Any-who, as far as history goes, I suppose I’ll use mine as an example.

My last name was originally a french nickname for “someone with a big mouth.” Haha! I wasn’t named Melissa for any historical reason at all though, it’ was just a liked name. And well I kind of came with the last name. 🙂

GENDER: Feminine
OTHER SCRIPTS: Μελισσα (Ancient Greek)
PRONOUNCED: mə-LIS-ə (English)   [key]
Meaning & History
Means “bee” in Greek. This was the name of a nymph that cared for young Zeus in Greek mythology. It is also the name of the fairy who helps Rogero escape from the witch Alcina in Ludovico Ariosto’s poem ‘Orlando Furioso’ (1516). As an English given name, Melissa has been used since the 18th century.
Related Names
VARIANTS: Melyssa (English)Melitta (Ancient Greek)
DIMINUTIVES: LissaMelMelinaMelindaMindyMissieMissyMalindaMelantha (English)
OTHER LANGUAGES: Mélissa (French)Melitta (German)Melika (Hawaiian)Melisa (Spanish)
United States ranked #177 England/Wales ranked #192 France ranked #58 Italy ranked #27  Netherlands ranked #241  Sweden ranked #57
Here you can see the etymology of the name and how it’s evolved:

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  2. my nopawmom has a special name Christine, it means follower of Christ.. many say she looks like a Tina, I just know she loves me and is special.. I am fredrieka/Fred girl registered therapy dog.


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