Girl Scout Campfire

Mmm I’d like to linger
mmm a little longer
mmm a little longer with you
mmm it’s such a perfect night
mmm it doesn’t seem quite right
mmm that it should be my last with you
mmm and come september
mmm i will remember
mmm the days i spent with you
mmm and as the years go by
mmm i’ll think of you and sigh
mmm this is goodnight and not goodbye
Oh the wonderful camping days huh?
We’d sing that every year, and do you want to know something? Every single time that was sung will girls I’ve only known for 2 weeks, was probably the most emotional song I’ve sung with people. Because it meant something. But as the years go by, psht! I don’t really remember them, I just remember having fun and making friends for the two weeks. We’d make plans to go the same time the following year, but cell phones didn’t really work back then, no seven-year old had an email and it was just the simple promise we had to go on. 
And I was probably the only one who stuck to those promises. Every year I’d go when promised and nobody ever showed from the previous year. But I continued to make friends and promises for the coming years until I learned to just go and have fun, until I became too old to have fun their. 
It’s funny how you make such close friends in just a couple of weeks. Just think if social media and contacting were appropriate for that age group, how many good friendships us children would’ve held onto throughout the years, who knows what it could’ve become. 
Lingering in those campfire moments are probably the ones you’ll want to linger in forever. But the sad truth to life is that we can’t linger in good moments because you have a life to live. As a matter of fact, you wouldn’t really appreciate the good ones if you didn’t have the rest of it to deal with. Lingering moments will come and go though, and you’ll want to live forever in each one. But if you could do that, you wouldn’t be able to to reach the next moment. They’re the times that’ll make you want to cry in happy/sadness, but it’s the best feeling you’ll ever feel!
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13 thoughts on “Girl Scout Campfire

  1. Oh that is so true – all of it. The magic of girl scout camps and youthful promises to be BFFS, and the bitter-sweetness of wanting to hold onto moments but knowing you have to let go or other moments can’t come. Life is full of hello’s and good-byes; we can only hope to hang onto pieces of “good lingers” like you have with your campfire days.

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  2. Ahh you brought back such good memories of girls camp. I used to love it, but I think it’s best we didn’t have a way to keep up with other. I suspect that the friendships were more about our immediate shared experience, and after that was over there wouldn’t have been much to talk about. I may be wrong mind you, but this way I can just remember relationships the way we were at camp.

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