Something so strong|Friendship

The best friendships originate from truthfulness. It honestly easier to just say it like it is. It’s a type of relationship that will have difficulties. I’m the type of person who is brutally honest, I’m not going to try to hurt you, but if the truth is hurtful then that’s what you’ll hear. The best friend I’ve ever had, we were able to do that and it worked. We understood that we weren’t really trying to hurt each other, so it ends up bringing us closer. 

You should date your friends too. No, not some weird perverted relationship dating, but like a friend date! Go out and do stuff just for the heck of it and have fun! 
It’s all about the love, but remember that no one is perfect, and just like your intimate relationships, your friendships are going to take work.
And the intimate relationships are probably the best friendship a person can have. It’s like friendship on a whole other level, and that’s a pretty special thing to achieve!
Let this inspire you to love some more!!
“Let today serve as a reminder of the importance of love.. Don’t just think of it as a commodity you fight for and conquer with conniving tricks and strategic dating tactics. Realize that love is evident in how you how you see the world; its a seed in you. The more you see love in the people around you, even in the heart of a stranger, the more you’ll be blessed with its radiant light.”
I have 2 best friends, one I didn’t really want to be friends with at all, but it ended up being the strongest relationship I’ve had with a person. And the other, I was shocked to become their friend; of course it started out as liking them, and hey! now I trust them with everything and can talk about anything.
Friendship is:
A supporter
A listener
A trust bond
A sibling/lover/whoever your friends with
A tiny hope
*comment with any others you’d add to this list

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