Why Can’t Everyone Just Be More Tea?

I just love the new muppets commercial! It’s cute and so true. Why are we always running around and making a big deal out of everything? There’s no use for it and it’s unnecessary stress. We just need to live and accept the outcomes.
Why can’t everyone just be more tea?
Tea is calm. It’s relaxing. And though I personally don’t like the taste of it, the sound and smell of tea just seem to be peaceful. Like the kind of thing you’d drink while lying on a hammock in the middle of summer, take a nap and enjoy the sun.
So why can’t everyone just be more tea?
It’s no surprise that in today’s era, everything is fast paced. There’s new technology around the corner all the time it seems. So how can we find more peace. Maybe some tea and a hammock in the summer. Or maybe meditation. Or television. Or a walk. It’s more about the stress relief really. Just have to find your own way!
How do you find “tea” (in other words peace and relaxation)?

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