Daily Post: Never Surrender

I like to be stubborn, I  like to get my way sometimes, it’s human nature. I mean normally I’m pretty flexible and really don’t care about a lot of decisions or circumstances. But there are things that I won’t budge about. 
I’m a picky eater. If what you serve looks gross, smells gross, or isn’t classic american food.. I am NOT  eating it. 
If you start a conversation with me about feelings and politics and “the right way to live” and the “best way to think”, you best be prepared for me to disagree with you because it’s an opinion. So don’t get mad when you don’t like my answer.
If you touch my stuff, there is going to be a problem. I’m not talking about picking something up and looking at it. I’m talking about when people move your stuff without telling you and you have to go on a hunt for it, like literally don’t touch someones stuff because it’s in your way.
All in all, if you try to change my opinion, if you’re pretentious, if you’re doing something I don’t agree with, you’re going to know about it. If you don’t intentionally push my buttons, all is well. 
I’m stubborn with myself to. If I really want something or I want to be a certain way, I’m going to discipline myself until I get it. Like being healthy…. I can’t tell you how many times I would’ve eaten junk (like real junk) but haven’t… food is not easy haha.

12 thoughts on “Daily Post: Never Surrender

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