We Built This City

Civilization. It’s one of the greatest evolutions of mankind. Yet where I live, it can be civilized, but there are many, many people who are not. The place I live at the moment is full of pretentious, self important people. Everyone else is below them. Or they are crazy homeless people. It is also a loud place, too many sirens and car horns and construction. And it smells of sewer and cigarette smoke. 

However, the place I live is full of history. There are many attractions to visit, it’s famous for its many museums. I live in one of the nicer parts, I can go for walks that are nice. Oh and the water doesn’t taste like city water, it taste’s fresher than my rural home water!
If I were the mayor of this city, the most important problem I really don’t know what problem I would tackle. So many of the problems are results of other problems that are results of others problems and so on. Honestly, I wouldn’t want to be the mayor of my town.
Civilization. We built it. We brought it to life. And in some ways we destroyed it. There’s someplace for everyone to live, this just isn’t mine. It would be better to go as a day trip and visit the attractions. It’s not the worst place to be, but since I have a choice, I have to choose all the latter(s).

9 thoughts on “We Built This City

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