Digging in a pile of junk!

I was doing some Spring cleaning today and in a pile of trash I found a couple of interesting things!



How can I explain what it feels like

Kind of like losing all motivation to try
Maybe a little bit of loneliness
and a little bit of why?
But I’m running out of reasons
All I can do is cry
Strange to be in so much pain
Cause I live by “do or die”
Cause this anchor’s pulling me down
It’s dragging my heart all over the ground
I’m saying “please! All I did was fall.”
Found this in my room today on a piece of scrap paper. I wonder what I was thinking about when I wrote it. But it kind of helps tell the story of how when something goes wrong everything else will too. “all i did was fall”, why do I have to be punished for it. I don’t know, just an idea!
Quote I found:
“Sometimes we fight so much for appearances and earning another’s trust and admiration that we miss the essential: those who really love us are beyond all of that. If you have my heart, there’s nothing you need to question. I don’t even need to tell you, as that by looking at you, you will know, you will feel.”
I like it 🙂

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