Nicholas Sparks

Why does Nicholas Sparks kill off important characters, especially in every movie based on his books? Let me list them for you:

Message in a Bottle-Garret Blake
A Walk To Remember-Jamie Sullivan
The Notebook-Allie and Noah (though it’s debatable and highly unlikely)
Nights in Rodanthe-Dr. Paul Flanner
Dear John-Mr. Tyree and Tim(in the movie)
The Last Song- Steve Miller
The Lucky One- Keith
Safe Haven-Kevin Tierney
Not to say that these aren’t fabulous stories because they are, I even have a few favorites myself. But as I decided to watch all the movies at once, it came to my attention that in every story, a main character dies some way or another. I can understand that a dying character can release many emotions in a viewer/reader, but why is every story that Nicholas Sparks writes, have the same ending. It makes me sad. The more you read them, the more predictable they become.
They’re all different in their own way. But let’s face it, it starts with a character (possibly 2) dealing with a tragedy of some sort, only to go on about their life hiding from it, meeting an amazing new lover that they fall in love with and there’s always a passionate sexual encounter as well. Eventually the truth comes out and the lover gets mad and it seems that all hope is lost. Amends are made or are about to be made. It’s either one of the lover’s that dies or a character that got in the way of the two main characters or a character that played a significant role. And a few minutes later the movie ends with the one lover left or both of them finding peace along with sorrow in the journey they’ve taken and loss they suffered.
Garrett Blake, Jamie Sullivan, Allie & Noah, and Dr. Paul Flanner were one of the lovers in their designated stories. Mr. Tyree and Steve Miller played a significant role as a father. Keith, Tim, and Kevin Tierney were ex lovers or extremely close friends that floated back into the lives of one of the main characters.
Why does he write basically the same story over and over again, with different plots and characters? It’s frustrating how predictable his stories are.  I think they’re great stories really, but it fascinates me that one man can write different versions of the same story over and over again. I just don’t understand.
If someone could explain this conundrum to me, I’d greatly appreciate it! He’s such a great romance writer, but why are they all the same?

🙂 ❤

A lovely poem written about a message in a bottle:

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One thought on “Nicholas Sparks

  1. Hi Melissa, You’re right. Reading a Nicholas Sparks’ book is enjoyable, but there aren’t going to be any surprises. The plots are familiar and comfortable, but sometimes as a reader, we want more. I think Nicholas Sparks is a good writer who could tell us a different or more challenging story without losing any of his readership (although I would hope romance would still be an element of these).


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