Thursday Ramble-It doesn’t make sense!

This is going to be my Thursday ramble. I’m going to start with a topic and see where it takes me!

Here’s the thing about suicide, I’m not suicidal but I can understand why people are. Life is tough and for some people, it overtakes them. It’s also illegal in some parts of the world, which I can’t understand. What are you going to do once they’re dead, kill them? Send them to prison? It doesn’t make sense. In America, a lot of freedoms to make decisions for ourselves are being taken away. Like I’m not allowed to order an extra large soda in NYC. In a few years I won’t be able to make a decision on what healthcare I want unless I bankrupt myself by paying a fine so I don’t have to get a crappy health insurance plan. It’s now mandatory is some public schools for the FDA to inspect homemade lunches, if they don’t meet standards, it gets thrown out.

What’s funny though is that the government is taking away basic rights to make our own decisions. For example, they want to ban cigarettes because you know, “they’re so bad for you and you’ll die!” yet they want to legalize marijuana which is proven to be worse for your body than a cigarette. It doesn’t make sense.
The debate on abortion.They say it’s not a living creature yet. But it’s a human cell, it’s a human life form. Why are we murdering innocent beings without any guilty thoughts, but god forbid those animals come second, “pet parents”… no matter what you believe, your dog is not your child, your pet is not at the same standard as a human no matter how hard you try.
I saw an advertisement about a dog training school, that TRAINS owners to be better “pet parents” and HELPS dogs to become a better part of society. Now you tell me what is wrong with that picture?
Don’t get me wrong, all the commercials for the ASPCA, I think they’re a great cause. But I’ve never ever seen a commercial for a foundation or cause against child abuse. Why are we putting animals before our own kind? It doesn’t make sense.
Then there’s assisted suicide. I don’t know what doctor in their right mind would agree to doing a legal form of murder, that’s not for a criminal, but for a very depressed person. But I can understand why they’d want to legalize that.
The problem with debatable topics is that each side often holds a good case, many times, like the ones mentioned above, it just doesn’t make sense. The government contradicts itself all the time. Like the medicare bill, pass it and make it mandatory for everyone, but the ones who passed it are opting out of it because they don’t want it. Nancy Pelosi even said that we need to pass the bill before we know what’s in it…… but they knew what was in it. And when EVER in American history have we passed a bill without telling the public exactly what it was about and what would happen.. it doesn’t make sense.
In school I was always taught that you cannot lye on the fence about something, you have to be either for or against. But it’s not true. A lot of things I am on the fence about. For example, something a little less downtrodden, having a baby. The thing is I don’t know if I’d ever want to have a kid because there’s so much in life that I want to do, but you never hear an old person say that they regret having a child, you only hear people talk about regretting not having one. And there, I’m on the fence.
There are so many topics to discuss and it’s hard to put all the thoughts in line because there is so much to everything. I know how I feel. It doesn’t make sense.

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