Barbie and Majority


Okay, barbie. I don’t know any person who thinks barbie made an impact on how they view their self appearance. IT’S A DOLL for crying out loud. If you want to make a statement on self appearance, go bother the Victorias Secret models or Disney Channel. It’s a doll. It’s not even really that life like. 

And now they’re making bigger barbies that mimic “actual proportions”? I’m sorry that the obesity level in this country is ridiculous. But changing a doll isn’t going to make them feel better about themselves. Funny thing is to, that everyone is different, every region has different proportions, how do you pick?
Here’s a few points I’d like to make:
  • I remember when being healthy was the “in thing” to be. Being bigger wasn’t necessarily looked down upon, but it wasn’t the norm. Now, I see people on social media posting pictures of thin, toned, healthy people that they want to be like. People comment saying “You don’t want to look like that, that’s gross”.
  • Nobody says “Wow you’re so skinny!” as a compliment. Trust me, I know. The word skinny has seemed to become like the word fat. How would you like it if I called you fat? exactly. So don’t call me skinny. Anyway, people say that. They say it in envy and in and in disgust. It’s not that they think it’s disgusting, it’s that they’re jealous and they don’t want you to look good because they want to look better and feel better. 
Why is being healthy gross? Why are we encouraging people to gain weight so that the bigger portion of society will feel better about themselves?
The dictionary defines “normal” as conforming to a standard. Obesity affects about 36% of adults. It’s not the standard, but it’s like society is trying to make it normal because they feel bad about themselves. 
I recently read the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. It describes an alternate civilization, which is actually much like our own, that conforms to minority sensitivity. What sucks is that it happens a lot in America. I’m white, Christian, straight and conservative; which basically means that every time I open my mouth, I get a sock shoved down my throat. Maybe I don’t like how only white people can be racist, because you know, calling white people derogatory names isn’t bad. But shouting the N word will get you charged with a hate crime. I’m not saying that any of it is right, because it’s definitely morally wrong. But why is one okay and not the other? It’s not black, it’s african-american. Well in that case, I’m not white, I’m Caucasian-you don’t usually see that on applications. And not to mention, I’m a healthy weight and I’m thin, but oh no, that’s offensive, I guess I need to gain weight now. What I hate the most is that there are scholarships for every race except white people because it would be offensive…. like wtf!!??
The thing is, being part of the majority is more incriminating than being a minority. Though it’ll always be told as vise versa. 
And….. It’s just a doll

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