Spring Objective-Give & Take


Well lent has officially arrived and to be quite honest I haven’t taken part in it for years. But now I’m looking for motivation and it seems like the perfect thing to help!

What I want to do is make a lifestyle change. I want to be healthier. My addiction to junk food and dairy products is unreal, lactose intolerant doesn’t help me either. So what I plan on doing is giving up dairy products all together as well as junk food.
I was thinking about it yesterday, we call it “junk food”. How gross is that? Junk is described on my computer’s dictionary as “informal heroin” “anything that is regarded as worthless, meaningless or contemptible; trash”. And we ingest junk food so often because it tastes so dang fantastic! But it’s like eating trash.
Ever notice that you become unmotivated to do anything active. “For goodness sake the remote isn’t within arms reach, guess I’m stuck watching this show.” “Exercise? What is exercise?”
I’m trying this new workout plan where I workout everyday for at least 20-30 minutes. I find that I feel better about myself, I sleep better, my internal machines all work better. But then there’s the edible trash that I keep ingesting, which doesn’t help my progress at all. Then there’s dairy that obviously makes the digestive system work less efficiently and has an amazing bloat effect.
I want to be that healthy person, so that’s what I’m going to do. Junk food and dairy…. their like a bad addiction. I just want it and when I can’t have it, I’m miserable and it’s all I can think about. Why don’t that have GA (Glutton’s Anonymous), it would be perfect for everyone with a junk food addiction.
“You are what you eat”
Anyway, I don’t understand why lent has to be about giving something up. Why aren’t we taking up something that’s good for us and/or society? I mean isn’t the Christian Religion about being a better person and doing good for the world? (I do not represent all Christians-I only speak for myself). But I mean why not? So in honor of that thought, I’m going to use a Give-and-Take process, meaning I’ll give up dairy and junk food and I’ll take up exercising better and ignoring my minds junk food request.
Give and take=lifestyle change
It won’t be easy, but it’s worth it!!
Instead of calling it lent, for those of you who aren’t with that, We’re going to call it Spring Objective Plan. If it’s going to be a lifestyle change there needs to be goals for every season and what better way to start the new months of the year than starting that plan.
So get your thoughts together on what you want to give and take. Remember, giving something up doesn’t have to be difficult, especially if there’s something new and better to start!
What do you plan on giving and taking this season? And if you don’t plan on giving or taking, what do you think good things will be for those who plan on to? Leave a comment. Let’s stay motivated! 🙂

Photo Creds: http://alakehome.com/spring-cleaning-time-is-almost-here/

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