March Q&A Advice!


So this’ll be my first Q&A advice session. I want to say beforehand that these answers are based off of what I truly believe will be helpful to the asker. I have not included the askers name or any identifying info besides the question provided. 

Q: Is it okay for an 11 year old to kiss? So my little sisters (Bff’s real sister) asked me if she should be able to kiss. She didn’t want to ask her real sis (my bff) because she’s scared. I don’t know what to tell her… please help and should I tell my bff?
A: That’s a choice she should make. If she’s ready, she can if she wants to.
Q: Is it okay to go through your partners email address if you have a reasonable suspicion? My gf and I went to the computer lab at school. When she signed into her email, she told me to look away which I thought she said jokingly , she had a email from a chat website. I asked her and she said it was from the past. I stayed with my suspicions and signed into her email address later. She had an email from a guy not from my town. He sent her an email saying he hope we could talk again soon my sweet little pony:(. I noticed it’s the same name that always pops up on her phone from her kik account. She never lets me look at her phone ever because she always makes up some excuse and when I get mad about it she gets even madder at me. Her on the other hand always goes through all my pictures and everything not that I care but it bugs me. Was it right for me to do that? Should I ask her about that guy ?
A: Honestly, what kind of girl does that. That’s seriously just asking for trouble. I think you should ask her about the guy and if she gives you anything other than the truth I think it might be time to rethink this relationship you’re in. No guy should ever be treated that way in a relationship and vice versa. Honesty is a key part in any relationship, if that’s not there than how could there be anything else. 

and don’t let her see your phone. See how she likes it. But still ask about the guy too.

Q: How to convert my Pagan girlfriend to Christianity?I am a Christian guy but she is a Pagan Wiccan. We kissed a few times and I want to date her. But first I need to teach her to abandon paganism for Christianity.
A: First of all you can’t force a girl to believe something she doesn’t. If you want to be that controlling go buy the SIMS and leave her alone. YOU DON’T TEACH A GIRL ANYTHING. A true guy would be happy with who she is, respect her, support her decisions, be her best friend. I’m a Christian myself and it’s people like you who create the stereotype of what actual Christians are. Get off your high horse and realize that you can’t control people, and if someone is a sucker who falls into your trap, well shame on you.
Q: When women call men pigs, are they being sexist pigs? Question, when women start bashing on men and calling them pigs, are they dead serious? Or is it a phase of anger that goes away and will they stop hating men? I know it’s mostly feminists who do this sort of thing.
A: Women don’t generally hate men. However, many men tend to have the same qualities. Like the jerks who use girls, treat them badly and so on. Or it could be the way they’re eating haha, men have been known to eat a lot more than they should. Sadly, as far as I’m concerned, there are a lot more pigs in the world than decent guys. I don’t hate men at all, it’s just hard to find one’s that aren’t looking for one thing, or being rude.
Q: What are some good books to read?
A: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society- it has a funny name but I assure you that it’s excellent!
Anne of Green Gables- is also an exceptional piece of literature that will warm your heart
The Hunger Games Trilogy- I haven’t read yet, but I’ve heard such great things that it must be worth the read
Q: Why does America feel the need to get involved in any war that does not concern the US?
Actually, many wars we enter do concern us. It may not be that we are directly related to the problem, but
  1. We have allies that we’ve promised protection, in return for our protection
  2. Let’s say we didn’t get involved in World War I, we could very well be speaking German and living in a non-free society.
Sometimes situations need our assistance because we are still the #1 power in the world, but also because there is a good chance that it will eventually effect us in the future.
If you notice, throughout history, with an exception to the Civil War, most of the wars that we’ve been involved in had to do with the opposite side wanting to be the world power (i.e. World War II, Vietnam, and now the War on Terror) We seem to fight wars where the enemy wants to, someway or another, take over the world. Now that effects us and our freedom doesn’t it? 
And if you are talking about the War on Terror/ the war in the middle east, I would advise you to remember 9/11 2001 and 2012, as well as the many attacks brought onto American soil by terrorists. 
Q: What keeps you going in life with all the forks in the road?
Honestly, it’s not easy. I like to believe that someday everything will work out in my favor. I force myself to know that it is just a “fork in the road” and because life and time never stops for a fork, I know that eventually I’ll get beyond it. It’s a world-known thing that when things start going good, something bad is bound to happen. So I just live for the decent things in life and don’t let the forks drag me down. 
Q: Do guys prefer skinny girls?
Depends on the guy really. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Any guy worth having pays more attention to your personality and who you are on the inside. 
Hope this is helpful, and if you have a question or any advice please feel free to fill out the form in the Requests & Questions page that you can reach my clicking on this think

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