The Twilight Zone


(Now, this is a fictional letter, that I hope you enjoy. But is it fiction? Could I have just included a “Dear…From” with names to my post to make you believe it is fiction. What if it is real? Are you traveling trough the twilight zone? You tell me. But I can guarantee you won’t guess the right answer!)
Dear Ashley Whittaker,

In response to your query, I do factually often have “Twilight Zone” experiences. Though I don’t usually talk about it with anybody because it’s quite odd, and I don’t even understand it so how can I expect others to.

You see I sometimes get these horrible depressing feelings and they build up and up and up and up until it’s to much to bare and then something bad always happens and the feelings just disappear after. It’s different and it’s aggravating as well because I don’t know what it is that’s going to happen but I know something will happen.
Sometimes I close my eyes and it’s like I haven’t closed them at all, I’m just in a different location and seeing stuff that I shouldn’t be seeing while I lie awake in my bed. It’s future things really, I’ve seen kids that sort of look like me but not really and I can’t pinpoint exactly who, but they have their own personalities and I’m standing there in holding a camera filming them. A girl and a boy. Both blonde. And they’re just there and we’re at a barbecue and there’s a big house and a big field. And all this seems like it should be a dream but it’s not, I’m just as aware of sounds and the space that I’m actually in. To me they’re just flashes of possibilities.
It’s not the most normal thing to have happen to you all the time and it’s awful really. It’s not really the twilight zone but it’s kind of like living in and out of it. It’s unexplainable and it’s something you can’t tell people about without them thinking you have a wild imagination, or thinking you belong in a mental hospital. But I have a wild imagination and it’s not the same, and I don’t think I’m crazy at least haha, it’s the only bizarre thing that keeps happening AND  proving itself to be true.
You think I’m crazy I know, that’s why I would never tell you.
Emaline Dreery.

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