The meaning of life….


My head feels funny. Like when it’s near easter and everything is alive. Or when you’re coming out of a head cold and the brightness of the sun no longer hurts you. Or those sentimental days when everything just feels fluffy, nostalgic and reminiscent. Or when something really good is about to happen.

The problem today is, none of that feels right. My head feels funny but clear. It’s not easter, it’s the dead middle of winter. I’m just finished with a head cold, but it’s not the reason for this feeling. And it feels like I should be nostalgic, but I’m not. Maybe something good will happen. Yes, that seems right. But is it? One can never tell on days like these.
Amongst everything going on in your life, good and bad, these days tend to give you the most neutral of feelings. Whatever’s going on, you seem to find peace with it and let nature take its course.
It’s one of those days where you like to sit by a lake and listen to the world’s sound; the sound of birds chirping suddenly becomes the most beautiful sound you’ve ever heard, and no piece of music could replace it. As a matter of fact, days like these have you cursing at the man-made sounds disrupting the peacefulness of nature. But we are part of nature, so as long as the cars on the highway are soft, everything remains okay.
I don’t know what to make of today, I just know that I like it; a feeling that comes up due to circumstance, but sometimes there’s no reason at all. I like to think that it means something great will happen in my life soon, but I’ve never payed attention to whether it was something good or bad that happened. I just enjoy now, I sit in the moment and become a part of it. I stop trying to take control of my life for just a moment and feel how great it is to be a part of something bigger, but nothing more.
When you’re sitting there, there;s a feeling that you are not individually important to the world, but you’re here and you’re still a part of it. You realize that if you weren’t here, nothing would change, the world will continue to spin around whether or not you exist. It doesn’t feel bad though, it really makes you feel good. You feel like you’ve made your peace with the world and you accept whatever outcome it hands you. You realize that nature will always win. You’re happy with it though, you’re just happy to be.
I want to share it with everyone. How somehow, the meaning of life isn’t an idea or a set way to live, but a feeling you get when you become one with the world around you. You except everything and you just feel the indescribable feeling of life. But it isn’t sharable, it’s something you have to feel on your own. If you’ve ever had the feeling I’ve described, it could be calling your name. It’s a chance for you to take it all in. Don’t fight it. It’s the most amazing form of serenity.

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