Let’s Build a Castle Prompt

Who, what, where?

Well first off my plot of land would be in a secluded area, with lot’s of open land and tree and pretty scenery. Everyone would be happy and respectful of one another; one of those small towns where everyone knows everybody else, but still with enough privacy. There’d be a couple of cafes and cute little restaurants in town. There’ed be a small post office, a bank, a doctor, a schoolhouse, and my favorite, the library! Wouldn’t it also be wonderful if one of the cafes doubled as the town bakery? But that’s just the town. Branching off it I would have a big white house with a big yard near an open view of the land beyond it. I can imagine this town would be close to some mountains and it would be tucked away within. It would be a peaceful little place!

6 thoughts on “Let’s Build a Castle Prompt

  1. I live in the little yellow cape with the picket fence just off your main street. It’s the one with the swing hanging from the ancient oak tree in the large, rolling side yard. There’s a tricycle on the front walk, where my grandchildren left it when they came in for lunch. That hunter green Jag that you can see when the one-car garage door is left open is mine. When do we move in? 🙂


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