Best of The Internet (Top 5 Websites)

So I’ve compiled a list and reasons of my all-time favorite sites on the internet; the sites my internet world revolves around! I hope you find some liking to these and if you haven’t heard of them before, I hope you you take a liking to them!
5. Facebook
I have to say that even though Facebook annoys me like you wouldn’t believe, it’s also pretty helpful. It’s a great way to keep in touch with people and also if you ever need anything with someone you live with (to those college students out there) you don’t have to go knocking from door to door to find out what you want, just message a bunch of people.
A problem with Facebook is that you end up with a lot of friend requests and friends of people you are not exactly close with. Like in school, you know who they are, you’ve seen them around but you haven’t ever had a conversation with them. I tried deleting one account and creating another just for the people I’m close with, but I had so many people from school friending me, and when I didn’t accept because they aren’t close, they’d friend me again. Problem solved though! I took the initiative to reopen the other account-now I have one that I use all the time for close friends and family, and I keep the other one so no one harasses me, plus it’s a great way to have people on there if you ever need anything.
4. Google
Google will always outshine Bing! in my eyes. It’s just perfect, and brings me everywhere I want to go. Maps is a great invention, it’s saved my bum thousands of times by giving me directions BEFORE I get lost!
When you start getting older your metabolism starts slowing down. But that doesn’t mean we want to change our ways, not everyone is as excited to workout and eat healthy as Jillian Michaels. But this site is perfect for that. It gives you yummy, healthy recipes (not that I’ve ever tried them) but they’re there if you want them. They have links to hundreds of workout videos of all kinds and even has a motivation section to get you pumped up to workout. I’m not changing my lifestyle, just making it a little better!
2. Youtube
Not going to lie, Youtube is still fun! I remember being a preteen and watching all the stupid videos to talk about them in school the next day. Well now, those times have past, but it’s still entertaining. I’m especially fond of the channels Vsauce and TheNiveNulls.
1. Pinterest
I spend way too much time on Pinterest but it’s absolutely one of my favorite sites to go on. You can pin pictures of everything and have as many boards as you want. It’s like my own personal picture album, separated and organized just how I want it, with all my favorites and all the things I can use for plans or diy projects!
I hope you enjoyed this little list of mine. I’d love to know if you have any favorite sites as well and why you love them so much, so let me know!! 🙂

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