Wishbones & Dandelions!


  1. To be happy-because i mean, what kind of person wouldn’t want to be happy!
  2. To read and write-because it’s the 2 things in life that will always be there for me.
  3. To be warm!!-i can’t tell you how many countless hours i’ve spent trying to warm myself up
Now I have to be honest, what would become of me and the rest of the world I were granted even just 3 wishes. You have to think, if everyone in the world were granted 3 wishes in their lifetime, it could very well result in chaos as well as contradictions.
“Be careful what you wish for.” I’ve always been told. even as these wishes seem to be perfectly innocent, what would happen if they were granted. There are many things in life that are not the way you think they are-then suddenly you realize what it is and you regret ever wanting it. What if my wishes are the same? There will always be a cause & effect chain reaction, you’ll never be able to negotiate anything saying, “well I’ll take it as long as there are no consequences.” Life just doesn’t work like that! But not to say that the consequences will necessarily be bad, but do you want to take that 50/50 chance to find out the fate of your decisions?
Yes, I’m thinking too much and making this post a lot more existential than need be. But one can’t simply ask “If you were given 3 wishes, what would you wish for and why?” without the stipulation to think about what could come of it. There is usually more to it than one would think. Making 3 simple wishes isn’t exactly as simple as it should be. The wish will not always turn out the way you plan for you, you must be awfully specific with every minor detail to get exactly what you want. Wishbone’s are similar.. there’s a chance you may or may not get the better end of the bone, but if you do there’s also the chance that your wish may not come true or turn out the way you want it.
From the time we’re children, we begin making wishes; with wishbone’s, birthday candles, shooting stars, dandelions. The older we grow the more silent wishes we say to ourselves on a daily basis. Almost like we’ve lost so much faith in life itself that wishing is all we have left. If by any chance our wishes are granted, we’re considered lucky. And lucky is something we all want.
However, the more we grow up, the more we realize that we’ve wasted our time on wishes that never came true and we’ve wasted wishes on things that did. It just never works out the way we plan. To put so much faith into something, only to be considered a “maybe” is a sad thought. If you really want it, you should work for it and go after it. But that’s no fun is it, to know that something is going to happen or there’s a better chance if you really try. But wishing is sort of the same way, yet it is considered ‘more fun’. But the harder you wish, your chances don’t increase.
Personally, I hope things work out first. Then I wish. I wish when I know it’s certain that it could most ever possibly come true. There’s still a chance it won’t, but it’s only worth putting faith into things, when they are things worth putting faith into!

8 thoughts on “Wishbones & Dandelions!

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