My (not so) Funny Valentines!


Ah Valentines day, one of the most controversial holidays on the social calendar.

What I find interesting is that when you’re single or alone (as some of you single folks may call it), they’re generally against Valentines day and don’t really want to think about it. On the contrary, if the same person happens to have a “Valentine”, they are all for it and excited about it.
What’s with that anyway? I honestly don’t have a single clue.
Maybe we’re celebrating it the wrong way. It’s a holiday to share your love and compassion for one another. Nobody said you have to have a ‘special someone’ in your life. When I was younger my parent would share valentine presents with me and I would return the gesture to them. Love isn’t just about those romance stories you hear about, it’s also about the other people in your life. You do love your family and friends don’t you?!
I say that this Valentines Day and every Valentines Day to come, we share the love that we have with everyone in our lives. Maybe just a simple note of appreciation. Enough of all this negative nonsense about not have a girlfriend/boyfriend/that special other person in our life. Everyone we associate ourselves with is special. We should not be depressed and we certainly should not be sad and miserable just because we feel that we are alone, because we’re not!
Remember elementary school? How on Valentines day we’d make little boxes and then we’d go around and put a Valentine in everyone’s box? There was something for everyone! Just because we get older, doesn’t mean that we don’t have valentines in our little box (called your heart). Friends and family are just as great of recipients! Valentines Day is about sharing love, not necessarily receiving it. But I can guarantee that if you share your love with others, you will get it back, and it doesn’t have to be from a significant other, just your friends and family.
So if your single this Valentines day, grab some of your single friends and family and make a date of it. Not to envy and loathe those who have dates, but to celebrate the love and appreciation you have for other!
Happy Valentines Day to You! ❤


7 thoughts on “My (not so) Funny Valentines!

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  2. When I was a kid, every Valentine’s Day my mom and step-dad would give me and my brother V-Day gifts, and my brother and I also gave each other little gifts. It’s a great sentiment. It’s about loved ones, not “THE” loved one. Great post!


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